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Nikolai Afanasev

Creator / Performer

Nikolai Afanasev is an actor, director and a guitar-strummer born and raised in Russia, who is currently based in Canada. He recently graduated from the University of Toronto Mississauga with the Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre, Drama and Performance studies. His recent acting works include an ensemble member in an independent Verbatim production of Dom Kulturi by Mesto theatre in Russia and he is presently an ensemble member in Post-Humanum with Collectifbus123. He is self-producing and acting as Jerry in a production of The Zoo Story by Edward Albee. As a director and writer, he recently initiated Quarantine Plays, an online web-reading series of several original plays on Isolation and Quarantine. His passionate interest in human artistic psychology has taken him from studying in Michael Chekhov’s physical acting and Japanese theatre Butoh workshops to self-learning through Rajadhiraja yoga and regular meditation.

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